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To study in Korea, Graduate optional professional

According to the study 360 lanxum, if you apply for a student for junior high school graduates can apply for the Korean International School for Korean University, if you apply for a student for high school students need students to participate in the domestic examination (some provinces 2 examination all over some provinces 3 first semester all finished), not to participate in college entrance examination can also apply. Undergraduate students, 3, second semester, you can apply for graduate language institute.
The level of education in Korea is advanced, the cost of study is low, the requirement of educational background is low, and the requirement of economic guarantee is not high. For example, after reading the language school, the language has been examined and qualified (Korean intermediate), the university is promoted to the university. The application period is short, simple procedures, visa success rate is high; tuition and living expenses can take care of themselves to work, no economic burden on the family, no worries; admitted to the universities can enjoy scholarships, medical, insurance and other preferential treatment; there are many China traditional customs still retains, will make people feel warm China, people will easily adapt to. Social order is extremely stable and secure,
What are the popular majors for studying in Korea? The pace of global integration is accelerating the international environment, the South Korean government in order to further expand its businesses in the negotiations, cooperation, management and trade and other fields, the training program of international talents. The core of the plan is to include Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Ewha Womans University and other 9 all of South Korea’s most famous university GSIS program provides a huge government funding to focus on the cultivation of international talents, so that they can deal with extensive and complicated international affairs and for people from different cultures with regional business strategy. All courses are taught in English and computerized.
GSIS major
At present, universities offering GSIS courses have different majors, including major ones:
International cooperation, International, cooperation
International relations, International, relations
International Trade and finance, International, Trade, and, Finance
Trade negotiations Trade Negotiations
International political economy International Political
International management, International, Management
International economy, International, Business
Development cooperation Development Cooperation
Diplomacy and security, Diplomacy, and, Security
Regional studies Area, Studies, Program
Korean research, Korean, Studies, Program
Among them, Chinese students preferred:
International Trade and finance, International, Trade, and, Finance
International economy, International, Business
Followed by:
International cooperation, International, cooperation
International relations, International, relations
Other majors selected very few
Korean students preferred:
International cooperation, International, cooperation
Korean research, Korean, Studies, Program
Diplomacy and security, Diplomacy, and, Security
Followed by:
International management, International, Management
Other majors have selected readings, but none of these four majors are more concentrated.
European and American students have no obvious regularity in the choice of profession, but they are for Area Studies Program, the research area South Korea is one of the world’s top 10 trade countries, with the world famous enterprises in semiconductor, shipbuilding, textile industry, household appliances, computer products, automobile manufacturing and other areas of many. This stems from the South Korean government’s emphasis on the quality of education, training of talent.

What are the preparatory courses for studying in Japan?

The number of students studying in Japan is on the rise, many students will choose to go to Japan to read the preparatory course, then Japan preparatory course of study abroad what?
Lanxum study in 360, Japan has what preparatory course
First, the advantages of studying in Japan
[cost] low cost, students abroad before family economic pressure is small.
[life] students can work legally and earn enough for themselves to pay for their tuition and living expenses during japan. Japan is one of the safer countries in the world, and social security is extremely stable.
[health care] a sound health insurance system that provides very high levels of medical care at very low cost.
Culture and cultural customs and ethnic China a narrow strip of water, which is easy to communicate, people will easily adapt to china.
[education] Japan’s education is in line with international standards. It is internationally recognized and has a higher rate of admission to the University. It also has a variety of scholarship system and tuition remission system.
[work] after graduating from Nihon University, can be directly employed, a work visa, as long as the company employed (5 years) for long-term residence.
[prospects] Japan has many investment companies in China. After the return of China, there is a huge space for employment development.
Two preparatory course
Basic Japanese, Japanese listening, daily conversation, reading, Japanese profiles, Japanese etiquette, Japanese study guide, study method, interview skills, social practice training, Japanese life guide, etc.
Three 、 study time
3 months (Japanese language class is not less than 260 hours)
Four, enrollment target
1. high school, vocational, technical secondary school (full 12 years of Education) graduates —- go to Japan to study in University
2. junior college or university graduate student studying in Japan

Classification of German study visa

What type of visa to study in Germany? What’s the difference? What kind of visa application is better? How to apply? To solve this problem, here we sort out the classification of the German Visa analysis, I hope to help you!
First, the type of German study visa
1. German language visa:
Lanxum study in 360, this is a type of visa, is purely to learn German for the purpose of the visa to Germany after is to read the language classes, learning German, can not engage in other things. Visa location is the German Embassy or consulate, as long as there is any German language school (public or private can be) Notice, you can go to the visa. Need to be signed, the current relatively high rejection rate.
2 、 German language plus study visa:
Language is when a student visa, visa applicant’s language ability is not enough to be admitted to the university entrance directly to Germany, visa applicants will read a certain period of time in the German language school to learn German, and then through the DSH/DAF exam, and then enter the visa of German universities.
Language student visa visa is good compared to the pure language, after reading the language class in Germany, do not need to return to the visa, can be directly converted into a student visa in Germany, and if it is a pure language visa, after reading the language class in Germany, also want to continue to read, only to re apply for a visa, relative will a lot of trouble.
Visa location is the audit department (also to the Consulate). APS must be in possession of any audit certificate and a German language school (public or private can notice), do not need to be signed. Visa passes rate is very high. After entering the University in Germany, the visa automatically transfers to the study visa.
The basic conditions of language student visa, is that APS, because the future involves the application of German University, so that APS has become one of the necessary documents, one of which is essential for language student visa.
When there is a certain German foundation in China, and even 0 basis, as long as there is APS proof, you can through the German language school reported, coupled with the University’s contact letter, language for studying visa.
3. German study visa:
Visa location is the audit department (also to the Consulate). Must hold APS audit certificate and acceptance letter or DSH examination notice of a formal university in germany. Do not need to be signed. Visa passes rate is very high.
Two, Germany various visa differences
1., the first visa is suitable for those who do not go to Germany to study in the University, but only German people. The latter 2 visas are suitable for those who are going to college in germany.
2., the second visa is suitable for those who want to go to Germany as soon as possible after getting the APS (because the time of applying to the German university is sometimes longer, and sometimes it is not possible to apply for it). After all, it’s easier for people to go to college in Germany, and it’s better to learn the language than to stay in the country (mainly in a good context)
Three, apply for German study visa matters needing attention
The conditions for applying for a German language school are relatively simple, but it is not very convenient to operate.
1, the German language school tuition, you need to change the euro, the trouble, we should also understand.
2, from China remitted to Germany to exchange.
3, it takes time (about 3,4 days) to remit from China to germany. If you collect it, you’ll always worry. Always call germany. 4, it is not convenient to contact schools in germany.
5, skeptical, the school is not assured, after all, the money is remitted first.
In fact, these are not the only places that are inconvenient or costly. This is due to the fact that China and Germany are far apart from each other. If the German language school has a fixed contact or a fixed place in the country, students should feel relieved and much more convenient. Even if we can remit RMB directly at home, it will save a lot.

What are the requirements for the application process in Italy?

At home: 6-10 months in the country for 3-4 months of Italian study. Prepare your educational materials at the same time. Education materials are as follows: high school graduation certificate, certificate examination (Hubei students can not, because you do not have the college entrance examination (examination), prove to the provincial admissions or go to the provincial education examination to prove), small high (a primary school that junior high school diploma diploma instead, no diploma to the local education bureau or the District Bureau of education certificates). These educational materials must be certified after.
Lanxum study in 360, after the end of academic preparation, is the pre registration of the Embassy in Italy, students must personally to the embassy site! (this column has a detailed description of the pre registration article, you can double the pre registration time), 2017 is the month of 7,8, the final deadline August 26th. Registration needs to be completed in Italy language school, Italy University and professional students’ own information.
There are 4-6 tables, each of which is different. Forms need to be filled out in Italian or pinyin. Pre registration after the embassy, we can wait for the pre registration results, will be in Italy visa center visa official website announced the list, if your name is on the list, you can submit their visa materials, general visa time is in September and October, after submitting the visa, the normal day down 3-10. You can fly to Italy after you get down the visa. Everyone here asks about the details of the visa. Let’s take a look at some of the other articles in this column, about the list of visa materials, and some explanations for the material.
To plan and time Marco Polo Turandot plan for October or November, after going abroad requires students for 10 months or 11 months of preparatory courses in the Italy language language language school or university.
Abroad, that is, in Italy: in October or November to the end of second in 8, this is the time for language learning in Italy.
In the meantime, two things need to be mentioned.
The first is must learn the language, although the language class is boring, but to insist that language is the most important study in Italy, the language is universal, this is a little more than that, but the most important thing is the last Italian examination certificate, must pass through the B1 or B2 language to get the certificate, certificate. Because the Italian certificate is the basic material for admission!!
Second is to learn the language period, you can read the professional courses, if students are not too bad money, can be reported as far as possible, for the future into the University and in freshman year, can not understand the class has a lot to do!
Italy International Planning: planning has two kinds, one is the Marco Polo plan, a plan is turandot.
In simple terms, the Marco Polo plan is a way for Chinese students (whether you are an art student or a non art student) to apply for a public university or Polytechnic University in Italy. Because Italy university which professional is very rich, there are economic class professional, engineering and Design Majors (some students will ask that Marco Polo plan is non art students, art students can also go to?
The answer is yes, the interior design, in the part of the University of Italy multimedia design, product design, architectural design, art students can go to the newspaper!!), professional literature, language majors, law, psychology, tourism professionals, political professional, so not arts physiological or art, students can application. Three requirements for undergraduate!!!, the first is must have graduated from high school, get a high school diploma! Second college entrance examination scores must be more than 380 points, one point will not work, is to test the 379, who is not bribery! Third is the primary school junior high school for 12 years or more, if your primary school junior high school is 11 years for the tragedy..
Then, is Chinese students Turandot plan (art students) to apply for Italy National Academy of music and art or part of the private courtyard. So the plan is Turandot studying ways of art students to read, painting, printmaking, sculpture, illustration, fashion design, graphic design, decoration design, stage design and other professional! Is the three in the application, the first is to get the certificate graduating from high school, second is the score requirements, Turandot plan formula to meet (the embassy announced the college entrance examination scores (+) “Art / Art scores) * 750] / 2 = 380), is also the fraction is greater than or equal to 380 points can be, third requirements and Marco Polo plan.

Introduction to professional information at Don Gio Gerd International Language Institute

Lanxum study 360 introduction, the Spanish industry as a leader in teaching foreigners has 15 years of experience, and recommended in the Spanish Ministry of education “in the list of Spanish teaching foreigners Spanish school”. At present, Don Quixote language school has 8 campuses in Spain, located in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville, Tenerife, Valencia, Malaga. Each campus’s teaching methods and administrative management are consistent, so it can perfect the quality of teaching services. Don Quixote, language not only provides standard courses in Spanish, also has a different professional language course, so the overall scope of services so that our students can learn Spanish China project is more complete, more abundant.
Don Quixote language school will cooperate with University of Autonoma Barcelona to provide public language teaching for students studying in University of Autonoma Barcelona China

Analysis of specific advantages of Madrid Carlos Ⅲ University

Lanxum study in 360, the school is the importance of comprehensive education, and strive to cultivate the “sense of responsibility, has the keen insight and social problems have advanced consciousness, sense of justice and tolerance”.
The quality of teaching and research standards have been among the best in the institutions of higher education in spain.
The modern university degree programme: a new degree of flexibility and cross – cutting programme aimed at training people who need both knowledge and skills to master the latest technology. Carlos Ⅲ University offers a wide range of double degree programs (such as business administration, law and Economics), and students who successfully complete the program will receive two formal degrees.
Small class teaching
Carlos Ⅲ University offers small class teaching, learning economics business administration courses students can choose English teaching, these courses are usually English by established long-term cooperation relationship with the school’s English national university professors to teach.
The school pays great attention to master’s degree and doctoral course: in 2000, the 4 professional doctorates have been approved by the Spanish Ministry of education and science.
The school pays particular attention to working with commercial companies to create more job opportunities for graduates of their schools.
The school attaches great importance to international exchange programs for students, schools and many of the world famous university established the student exchange program, which has a lot of other countries to university learning opportunities for students enrolled in Carlos Ⅲ University. The school provides students with a wide range of services, including computer rooms, cultural and sports activities and student accommodation arrangements.

Features of educational facilities in Bordeaux fourth university

Campus facilities
The school has 360 students lanxum, a researcher for all students and teachers – Open Learning Center – Montesquieu interactive space. The center has a classroom equipped with multimedia computers to access the Internet or to access teaching materials on CD-ROM. The multimedia instructors are responsible for the reception of the self-study center and keep in touch with the teaching team. The computer division has four servers and 100 microcomputers, each equipped with three audio-visual classrooms, two research laboratories (Law and Economics / Management), and a library. Audio-visual classrooms are connected to each other and equipped with 15 workstations and video projection equipment. The inter Language Training Centre (CRIFEL) uses new technology to teach foreign languages (German, English, Spanish, foreign, French, Italian). It is a resource and Activity Center for language teachers, and has an Internet space with 6 computers for use

What are the major courses offered at Rennes School of business?

Lanxum 360 students, professional settings
Faced with international students, the school offers the following major:
International luxury management and brand management
Global business management
Sports, leisure and Tourism Management
International Trade
International accounting, management, control and auditing
International Business Negotiation
International Human Resource Management
international finance
International Marketing
Logistics and supply chain management
International communication and Internet Marketing
Sustainable management and Ecological Innovation
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
[admission time] falls every September
[teaching language] English
[entrance requirements]
1) 3 years of college degree or above, can apply for undergraduate, undergraduate degree or above, you can apply for master’s degree
(preferably with some work experience)
2) English achievement: new TOEFL80 above; IELTS 6.5 above

Application form for studying Korean scholarship

According to the study 360 lanxum, South Korea now has become a foreign country very attractive, because South Korea is not only to study the cost is relatively low, also not hesitate in providing scholarships, outstanding students can even get a full scholarship, then South Korea to study how to apply for a full scholarship?
Scholarship application skills
1, the language ability is Shen prize “weapon”, Korean and English are popular
Korean universities are increasingly bilingual (Korean + English) teaching, that is, if the Korean results in general, good English, can also apply for a good scholarship.
In Korean the better of topik4 or above, you can apply to scholarships; general English TOEFL 90 or IELTS 6 or above, can also apply for a scholarship, especially as finance, trade, diplomacy and other professional, good grades in English is necessary.
2, recommendation letter, study plan, both hands should catch
Most schools in South Korea do not have entrance exams, so the selection of students comes entirely from your paperwork”. If the recommendation letter is written well, the study plan is written in detail and expressed a strong desire to learn. The professor will also be interested in you and would like to give you a scholarship when you have read it. Document materials must not be copied indiscriminately, according to their own circumstances, there is a need to combine your application for professional courses, so it is best to do homework, look at the school pages mentioned in the relevant courses.
Full scholarship
To encourage more outstanding science and engineering majors to South Korea to study abroad, Korea University special preferential policies to offer full scholarships for students of science and engineering, South Korea to apply for full scholarship at the same time, can also get a living allowance. No Korean based applicants can enter the Language Institute for about half a year, and then apply for admission to the University for postgraduate courses.
Other scholarships
Some Korean universities have TOPIK scholarships, according to the level of TOPIK to 30%-100% scholarships, as well as the school has an interview scholarship, according to interview results ranking.
The above scholarship may apply for a scholarship before admission, and may apply for a scholarship after graduation.

What’s the cost of studying in Germany for one year?

The cost of studying in Germany for one year is something that many students are interested in. How much is the cost of studying in Germany for one year?
How much is the cost of studying abroad in Germany?
1, German study abroad economic guarantee
Lanxum study in 360, the German Immigration Department of student visa application, put forward the economic security requirements, in order to ensure that students do not study in Germany during the period of economic difficulties. The student can deposit the deposit in a specific account. After the application is successful, the living expenses of 500 euros can be extracted from the account every month until the amount of the account is less than 1500 euros.
2 、 study abroad tuition in Germany
Most universities in Germany are public schools funded by the state. These schools do not receive or charge only a very low tuition fee, which is about 500 euros per semester. The 16 federal states in Germany decide whether or not the University in the state will receive tuition fees.
German private colleges are usually much more expensive than public universities, but there is also a big difference between tuition fees in different schools, and tuition at some schools can be as high as 20000 euros a year.
3. Registration fee for study abroad in Germany
German universities have different standards of registration fees. They are made by different schools. Generally speaking, they are 80-150 euros / year. After registration, the school will issue free monthly pass for students, which includes transportation fees.
4. Living expenses in Germany
Meals for study abroad in Germany: 12000-13000 RMB / year (middle meal level);
German study abroad communication fee: 1200-1500 RMB / year (due to frequent calls, telephone card type (Bao Yue / non Bao Yue), telephone card operators, promotional activities vary);
Transportation fee for study abroad in Germany: 1200-1300 RMB / year (term card offered by the University);
Study abroad accommodation: 1000 RMB / year (students are required to pay high rent when they are out of school, usually rent is between 200 and 300 euros);
Big cities: 18000-19000 RMB / year;
Medium cities: 14000-15000 RMB / year;
Small cities: 8000-9000 yuan / year;
Note: the above prices generally include utilities, heating costs in winter, telephone, Internet fees need to pay extra.
5 、 study abroad medical insurance in Germany
In Germany, students can enjoy very preferential medical insurance. No matter in which Health Insurance Company insured insurance, monthly fee of not more than 70 euros, far less than the normal insurance fee, and insurance covers a wide range, in addition to the teeth beauty and a handful of medical projects, almost all serious illness insurance in the whole project, but also can direct the card, do not need to pay for myself.